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Pranay Gupta’s theatre: Path-breaking cross cultural musical theatre which is rooted in an Indian ethos but has a universal resonance. Playwriting, directing and acting in large scale productions, in association with stalwarts of stage and screen.

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Talks - Pranay Gupta


Corporate and public talks that inspire. Using powerful storytelling techniques and anecdotes, Pranay Gupta delivers talks on subjects like leadership, teamwork, personal power and higher productivity, dynamic living, happiness, creativity, true success and intuition.

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Books - Pranay Gupta


Insights on metaphysics, core spiritual philosophy, mythology and religious cosmology. Drawing from Indian and world mysticism, the books explore interesting subjects in-depth, and the writing is supported by original examples and metaphors.

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Recent Projects

Pranay Gupta is currently in production for a major production of the Mahabharat, with Mallika Sarabhai. As a playwriting and directing team, Pranay and his partner Sohini Gupta have created significant productions such as ‘From Kabir to Kavi’, which has received acclaim from global luminaries.

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Pranay Gupta - Kunti, Karna and the Mahabharat
Pranay Gupta - From Kabir to Kavi

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