Pranay Gupta

Pranay Gupta

Pranay is a storyteller and playwright, who conveys dynamic ideas through inspirational TALKS and THEATRE. He is a communicator who combines his dual interests in mythology and the stage to bring impactful concepts to life
Using his stage skills and broad knowledge base, Pranay  convey inspirational ideas in an engaging, interesting and powerful manner.


Pranay Gupta’s background is primarily in theatre and public speaking. Starting his professional theatrical journey with Barry John, he went on to essay significant roles in the productions of Aamir Raza Hussain and ITC Welcomtheatre (playing Raavan and other important characters). In 2004, he received recognition from President APJ Abdul Kalam who awarded him a citation for ‘Outstanding Achievement in ‘Theatre‘. He also has significant experience in film and corporate communications.

Recently, Pranay Gupta has received acclaim for his original musical play ‘From Kabir to Kavi’, which he has written, directed and acted in with his partner Sohini Gupta. The play received praise from Zubin Mehta and other luminaries. It is slated to be produced as a hybrid play-film by a prominent production house.

He is currently writing and directing a major stage version of the Mahabharat with the acclaimed artiste Dr Mallika Sarabhai.

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Pranay Gupta


Pranay Gupta - Books


 As an author, Pranay has written two books on mythology and dynamic living, which will be published shortly. His books contain original insights culled from various branches of study and research.

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