Besides authoring several plays, Pranay has written a series of books that are in the process of publication. Subject matter includes insights on metaphysics, core spiritual philosophy, mythology and religious cosmology. Drawing from Indian and world mysticism, the books explore interesting subjects in-depth, and the writing is supported by original examples and metaphors.

Upcoming Publications

Occult Secrets of The Law of Attraction

The ‘occult’ is the hidden and mystical aspect of existence. Whether we realize it or not, we are governed by an immensity of transcendent intelligent energy. This intelligent energy is the most extraordinary phenomenon of existence, and all things within the vast space of the world are part of this energy. This energy manifests itself in limitless ways, and one way it acts upon the world is through that principle which we may call ‘The Law of Attraction’.

The Law of Attraction has been described in mystic philosophy as being a fundamental shaper of one’s destiny, a primary determinant of one’s spiritual and material fulfilment. This principle is also the soil upon which we can sow the seeds of our highest aspirations. In this book, I seek to explore The Law of Attraction from various angles, so that readers can gain a comprehensive insight into the subject.

Through examples from religion, science, philosophy, art, psychology and the natural world, the book seeks to open new windows into the understanding and application of The Law of Attraction. The beauty of the subject is that it has been described in various ways in different traditions of spiritual philosophy. Yet these approaches have never, to my knowledge, been put together into a single volume, which is what I have endeavoured to achieve.
I invite you to journey with me, through the pages of this book, into the powerful and mystical world of The Law of Attraction. Into seeing what The Law of Attraction really is, understanding its largely unknown dimensions, and applying it for blissful living.

Pranay Gupta

Insights on Yoga Philosophy

‘Yoga’ is a philosophy of freedom. Freedom in every way – freedom at a spiritual level, freedom from bodily unease, and freedom of the mind. Yoga philosophy as propounded by the seers of ancient India stressed the ending of inner conflict and a union with the ultimate reality which is beyond time and physical space, yet which also exists within the fabric of space-time. Yoga philosophy takes man beyond the struggles and anxieties of thought, into the explosive silences of the vast. Yoga implies that ‘religion’ which is free of temples, churches and mosques.

It is this root philosophy of Yoga which this book is concerned with. Through the use of fresh examples and metaphors, I have attempted to shed new light upon this most ancient of subjects.

Ultimately, Yoga is the cessation of limited thought, and the re-flowering of love and beauty within one’s life.. Yoga is an art as well as a science of being, and while certain techniques can be learned from a teacher or a ‘school’, the greatest secrets of Yoga cannot be learned from anybody because at its essence it is beyond all techniques.

How we live, how we relate, feel, talk, walk and function – these are the ultimate tests of our Yogic understanding. Beginless and endless is Yoga philosophy, taking us from the simplest things of the earth to the farthest reaches of spiritual reality. Yoga is a nourisher of the soul, which makes the flower of being emit its full fragrance, and transforms the individual into a dynamo of energy, silence, joy and fulfilment in every sphere of life.

It is my hope that the insights within this book can help take you to the very heart of Yoga, and reveal its light within your life in a spontaneous, loving manner.

Eventually, Yoga is not a particular act but a state of being, as evidenced by Krishna’s words to Arjun in the Bhagvad Gita:

“Establish yourself in the state of Yoga, Arjun, and perform those actions which you must.

Giving up all attachment to ‘success’ or ‘failure’, be in that stable, tranquil state of mind

Which is called Yoga.”

Pranay Gupta