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Combining his career as a professional motivational speaker along with his creative pursuits as a theatre director / playwright / author / actor, have made Pranay into a ‘communicator’ across all media. With a strong grasp of inspirational content, and an ability to articulate ideas powerfully, Pranay is rapidly becoming a sought after figure in the motivational speaking space.


Bringing content-rich stories and ideas to life – and sharing them – is Pranay Gupta’s primary passion. Stories have the power to transform, energize and enlighten us at all levels of being. Whether in the way we live our everyday lives, at work, in relationships, or in our spiritual outlook, engaging ideas conveyed through stories have a way of magically influencing and inspiring us. When combined with an interesting narrative, ideas which are inspirational in nature can become even more impactful. Ideas and stories in combination with powerful speaking techniques, ensure that the way we look at ourselves and at the world becomes much improved and profoundly altered.

Inspiring and Motivating

Pranay Gupta’s manner of delivering motivational talks for work and life is engaging, entertaining and never ‘preachy’. With extensive experience as a theatre personality, consultant, cultural entrepreneur, writer and filmmaker, Pranay brings content-rich experiences to audiences of all kinds, whether in the public space or in the corporate world. His talks are considered uplifting, inspiring and hugely motivational by many.

Advanced Speaking Techniques

For Pranay’s talks, his advanced speaking techniques, developed through years of practical theatre experience, help him convey ideas in a way that makes people feel more confident and productive.

Large Knowledge Base

Pranay draws on a large knowledge base in Indian and world mythology, and applied philosophy, to motivate people. Some of the most important and enriching lessons lessons are brought to life for work and career, business and achievement, teamwork and leadership, and relationships (professional and personal). Light is shed on the important aspect of achievement and productivity.

Interesting Anecdotes and Stories

Pranay Gupta’s talks are filled with interesting anecdotes and real-world examples. Thereby ensuring that those who listen feel interested and energized!

Tailor-Made Talks for the Corporate Sector

For the corporate sector, Pranay Gupta has tailor-made his talks to fit a business milieu. Those who choose him to talk at their event, corporate training meet or seminar, can rest assured of a dynamic and rewarding experience.

A Unique and Dynamic Combination!

Pranay ensures that his talks have a definite edge over others’, as he combines real-world scenarios with essential applied spiritual philosophy and narratives.

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